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PTH210/610 - Media & Technology in Ministry


  • Course Offering - ONLINE
  • Weekend Intensive Seminar - 9/8/18
  • Logos Bible Software - Required


The live Weekend Intensive Seminar will take place LIVE in Aidan University's Main Lecture Laboratory, which is equipped with computers, presentation equipment, video cameras and high-speed Internet connections. This allows the live seminar to be simultaneously delivered to Aidan's distance learners via the Aidan Communications Portal.

PTH210/610 - Media & Technology in Ministry

This course explores principles and practices of leveraging the technology in common use in society to reach, engage, draw and develop people with technology and media. We will explore several integrated tools, and examine the strategy and pragmatics necessary to engage new media technology in ministry. The class covers application of these tools for both local church ministry and Internet ministry.

The course will show you how to engage your congregation using the technology they bring to church every week ---

                  their cell phones and tablets!

It will equip leaders with

  • Tools for MOBILE GIVING in your church.
    Using these tools increases giving by an average of 30%!
  • Logos Bible Software for all your devices- A suite of tools that will help sermon prep
  • PROCLAIM Service Presentation -a powerful creative tool that will create your message slides, song slides and key church info in front of your congregation.
  • FREE Faithlife Study Bibles for your congregation - the world's most advanced digital Bible puts your sermon slides right on their phone, and interacts with PROCLAIM during the service. You’ll engage with your congregation like never before.
  • FREE church web page connected to your church - allows you to build your church community throughout the week, and provides a platform for continued fellowship.  Post your meeting info, sermons, event announcements,  maps, digital bulletins and visitor cards, service times, watch last week’s sermon, circulate a congregational reading plan and more.
  • Free theological books to add to your Logos Bible Software library EACH MONTH.

Topics in this course include:

  • Why use media & technology in ministry
  • Elements to help the Pastor, including -
    • Logos Bible Software
    • Service Planning Tools
    • Media tools
    • Electronic giving tools
    • Tools to track church metrics
    • Volunteer training resources
  • Elements to make a better connection with the congregation, including -
    • Church service presentation software
    • Electronic Bibles that tie into preaching notes and service presentation
    • Using email and social media
    • Digital event registration, bulletins, visitor cards and Bible reading plans
    • Branding and signage
  • Elements to make a better connection with your community, including -
    • Building a digital community center
    • Using email and social media
    • Equipping your congregation to use technology in evangelism and discipleship

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