As the President of Aidan University, I extend to you a very personal and heartfelt welcome to our Website. Please feel free to browse around to your heart’s content.

Our mission is to assist you in every way possible in reaching your educational goals. We want to help you turn the power of education into your golden opportunity. Whether you study with us at our campus in Jacksonville, online, or with one of our faculty mentors, our mission is your educational and career success.

Come and join with us as we learn together.

Because of Him,

Dr. Charles Travis

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Degree Programs

Aidan University strives to design our degree programs to be practical as well as academic, teaching our students how to live as well as make a living.

  All the degrees offered by Aidan University are available through intensive weekend seminars, independent on-line, cohorts, and faculty mentorship.

Our programs can be customized to meet the needs of every student’s goals.

Meet Our Team

Get to know our team of professional and visionary educators

Prospective Students

The primary goals of Aidan University are to develop the academic potential of our students and prepare them to fulfill their goals and calling in life, whether that be in the ministry or the marketplace.

Current Students

The University Dean's are always available to counsel with students regarding their academic progress, make tutoring available, arrange for referral to faculty for additional assistance, and provide attendance, counseling, and registration for classes.

So, I Graduate?

As your life long friend and mentor, Aidan U will construct a network of partners in your career path.  Remember, we are always just a click or call away.